Problem using midi keyboard with Xpand!2 in Pro Tools


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Hi all,

Newbie here :) I'm using an M-Audio controller keyboard with Pro Tools and the Xpand!2 plugin. Trouble is sometimes when I press a key the note persists for a few seconds after I release the key. And sometimes when I press a key there is no sound at all. Can you please help me with this?


Have you installed the MAudio drivers? and checked that you have it installed as a midi controller in settings / peripherals?
Problem with xpand 2 also. If I punch in a small segment , the first recording just keeps playing. Beginner here , any ideas ?
In both cases there is some Midi info that's being misinterpreted by Xpand!2 - more so in the second example than the first. It is probably the note on info or the sustain note.