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Speaking of monitors...I have had better results mixing out of good quality regular stereo speakers compared to studio monitors. Is this weird? What is the appreciable difference anyway? Is mixing this way totally out of the question? Thanks.

No, I don't think it's totally out of the question. The advantage of studio monitors is that they have a flat frequency response. In otherwords they don't emphasize or deemphasize any particuliar frequencies to make them sound better than they really are(or appear to).

I mix on a pair of paradigm monitor series speakers. Not exactly studio monitors but they work ok. I also listen to what I'm working on, on a variety of speakers ranging from cheapo $10 computer speakers and other home audio speakers, car stereo's etc..


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Ultimately you can't beat a decent pair of studio monitors for getting the best possible results with your mixes. Monitors alert you to those annoying pops and various background noises that you might not catch the first few listens thru stereo speakers, but will invariably crop up later on. Of course if you are just recording with say a single instrument with vocals it may be a little easier using your set up, but with more complex arrangements and accompaniment I would call a nice set of monitors a definate necessity.
Funny, I had also heard about those Paradigms being good for mixing a few years ago. Whatever works, is the motto...