Pro Tools Not Recognizing Wav Files to Import


The Anti-Lambo
Hey there. I am using PT 6.9. I recorded some tracks in Logic (must be a new version, I got it in the past year) that I would like to import into pro tools. I have done this before but with garage band - which is Logic lite. For some reason PT is telling me it can't read the files. I've tried messing with the bits in the logic files - setting them to 16, tried using aif and mp3 formats. Nothing seems to work.

One thing: my PT sessions are at 48K and I don't even know what logic is running at.

Any ideas for how I can make these imports work? Thanks!
As far as I know Protools, even as old as 6.9, should allow you to import Wav or aif no problem. Try Wav, though, if that's an option to you.
Do you get an error message? If not, what's happening?
Have you tried dragging to timeline or are you using the import function.

Again, as far as I know, it shouldn't care if it's 16/24 bit or 44.1/48/88.2/96. I'd expect it to convert on the way in.
6.9 is old all the same, and my memory sucks.

Can you import the files back into a fresh session in Logic? It'd be worth trying to prove that the audio files aren't corrupt.