Pro Tools Expert - Structure Free Sample Pack - Anyone have?


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Hey all. I was wondering if some people could assist in finding/preserving an old Pro Tools sample pack.

The Pro Tools Expert / "AIR Users" website formerly had a patch bay where you could download a large pack of free sounds, for the Structure Free sampler. Years later, the sounds seem to have disappeared and are archived nowhere on the internet. The page can be found here , though the download is defunct (I wonder, since the site is old, if there's a way to extract the files from the page?)

If anyone can help preserve these old sounds, I (and others possibly looking for the library) would be extremely grateful! I've used many of these sounds in the past, in the studio, and am saddened that I tossed them out. There were some very good sounds too (harpsichord, bass clarinet, choirs, p-bass, for some)