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I was running Pro Tools 8.0.1 with Snow Leopard (mac) but had to replace the hard drive. The guys that fixed my mac installed osx 10.13.6 (High Sierra). When I attempted to re-install PT 8.0.1 using my removable hard drive it would not allow me to do it. I kept getting pop up messages stating that PT 8.0.1 was not compatible with my new osx.
Is there a patch or some way to have these two systems work together? Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks Jimmy.
@justb66 - Maybe those guys thought they were doing you a favour bringing you forward a bit,
but that's seven major OS updates from Snow Leopard to High Sierra.

Digidesign had (Avid have) very tight compatibility charts, citing LE 8.0.1 as compatible with Leopard. 8.0.5 was the first to officially support Snow Leopard.
Now, just because something isn't on their chart doesn't mean for fact it wont work, but usually there's going to be some issue.

With a leap that big I'd forget it. The first Protools version to support High Sierra 10.13.6 is Protools 2018.12 - A good ten years later than yours!

I'd either commit to buying into Avid's new subscription plan, change DAWs to Reaper, or Reinstall Snow Leopard - Reverse order of preference.
Fairly sure SnowLeopard era macs predate online installers from recovery and that kind of thing so I Imagine you'd need the original install media.
If you don't have the original discs which came with your mac and you do decide you want to go back to Snow Leopard, ping me back here; I'll see what I can do.
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