Pro tools 2020 scroll bar and bar markers glitch


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Long time reader first time poster. Having some issues.I’m running windows 10 to 20H2 And the latest ProTools version I believe it’s 2020.12 both of which are fresh and installs. So I have no recourse to switch to an earlier version of windows as far as I know. Graphics card is a 10303g Ryzen five 5600 32 GB of RAM. M.2 hard drive for oS and programs.

The problem I’m having is my scroll bar and my bar numbers are behind the ProTools graphic interface. I can still sort of navigate so I want to go but I have no marker as to where I’m going except for on the transport and it is sort of flaky.

If I move the ProTools window around on my screen I can see the scroll bar and the bar number that would usually be on the ProTools interface and they like Flickr and follow the screen.

I’ve tried fresh uninstalls reinstalls clearing preferences deleting all avid files change display settings all in various orders with the same problem resulting after. I’m not sure what the issue could be so I thought I would reach out to read it and see if somebody had any idea7A8E5142-90C6-4F94-BF00-BBD7105AE7CE.jpeg
What the ? Is that only the edit window that looks like that? What are your display settings? On my laptops Pro Tools doesn't like to be any higher that 1360x760. It definitely doesn't like 4k unless set up for it which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

Can you post a capture of the entire screen?
Yeah that’s just the edit window I sort of drug the side of it so that you could see what was going on but I’m only at like 1080 res No it’s an edit window for audio
I have tried to do it on one display as well if I disconnect in all of them except for one. And I’ve tried all of my monitors individually.