Presonus USB audiobox package


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Okay it's time for me to update some of the gear...

I found this package from a local music dealer called Presonus Audiobox bundle and it comes with these:

- Presonus USB Audio interface with two balanced XLR/TRS inputs with seperate trim controls for both channels and a main control and a control for mix that blends the signal from the box into the audio playback.
It has ofcourse headphones output and outputs for your monitor speakers.
- Presonus M7 large diaphgram consender mic
- cables etc.
- Studio One Artist, which I don't necessarily need, but I'd like that 4 Gb worth of instruments and other vst goodies
- Presonus HD7 headphones

it'll cost me about 260 $

Is it worth the money?


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How do you like it? Post up a review for others if you get time.

Will do when I've used it enough to get a clear picture of it.

Recorded some vocal stuff and acoustic guitar with it last night and also used it as a mic for acoustic guitar in rehersals with my band.

First impressions very positive. It captured the sonic characteristics of my acoustic quite nicely even without EQ'ing. The sound was nice and warm with enough attack to make it solid. Will do a more profound review after the weekend when my wife and daughter leave for a trip and I have the whole weekend to test and record and fiddle with it.