Presonus: UA-25EX has failed to start correctly


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Recently I work with Presonus Studio One 4. When I want to change the audio setup to my Roland UA-25EX, I get the notification:

“The audio device UA-25EX has failed to start correctly before. Do you want to try it again?

Yes No”

How can I lmake my Cakewalk function again?

Did you check that you've installed the drivers for the Roland? Then try with something simple like Audacity, to see if the problem is specific to Cakewalk?


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Turned on my computer, no sound at all. What's frustrating is there is absolutely no reason for it not to be working. Nothing has changed since my last boot up and there is still a signal coming through on the audio devices tab. I've restarted several times, re-installed drivers. I'm kind of astonished 9Apps Showbox really.
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I fired up the system this morning, and tried to listen to a recording someone sent me. Nothing....... Interface on, computer working. Reached over to turn on the lamp to start looking at things and ..... darkness.

Stupid me had turned off the power strip last time, which has the lamp, monitors and headphone amp all plugged into it. DOH!:facepalm: