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I have managed to collect too many tubes and need to pass a few along.....

Here is a small sample of what I currently have for sale, price INCLUDES shipping to the continental 48....

Fisher/Telefunken 12AX7/ECC 83 - smooth long plate, closely mathced sides - $55
Amperex Orange Globe 12AX7A/ECC 83, west germany, winged smooth plate - $40
Sylvania 12AX7/7025/ECC 83, Long ldder plate, perfect match sides - $45
JAN Phillips ECG 12AX7A, Long ladder plate, close match - $25
RCA 12AX7A, Long gray ladder plate, perfectly matched sides - $40
Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7/ECC 83, gray plate, perfectly matched sides - $65
Sylvania 12AX7, short gray ladder plate, closely matched sides - $25

Amperex Bugle Boy 12AT7/ECC81, made in france, short winged plate, close match - $35
Amperex/Mullard 12AT7 short gray winged smooth plate, close match - $45
Mullard 12AT7/ECC81, short winged plate, perfect match tests very high - $50
Sylvania Gold 12AT7/6201, gold pins, tests high, near perfect match - $30
RCA 12AT7WA, short black ribbed polate, near perfect match - $25
Sylvania 12AT7, clear top, black plate - $25
GE 12AT7/ECC81, short ribbed plate, ner match, test high - $20
Tung SOL JTL 12AT7, black winged plate, close match - $25
Telefunken 12AT7/ECC81, smooth winged plate, close match - $45
Amperex Bugle Boy 12AT7/ECC81, made in holland, close match - $35

I also have a bunch of 12 AU7's from various brands, and some 12 AY7's and will try to list them after I have tested them all. All tubes I have have been tested on a Heathkit TC2 tube tester and all tubes test above the good level, most considerably above and have no shorts or leaks. All tubes with the exception of a couple will come properly packed in white boxes, well labeled, with the test results on them. In addition to these, I do have a bunch of 6L6GC's and some EL84's, EL34's, bunches of rectifier tubes and lots of other stuff.

Feel free to make offers or send me a message if you are looking for something that i do not have listed as this is all I had the patience to actually list here... All tubes will also be tested for tone and microphonics in either a 67 Blackface Bassman or a 1976 Marshall Super Lead before shipping out.

Paypal preferred....

Thanks for looking :)
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Looking at these - I'm sure I can come up with an offer for a couple of them.

Bump in the meantime.



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PM Sent.....looking for white letter GE 12ax7's, 5-star GE 5751's and RCA short black plates.

Also looking for some GE or RCA 6L6's if you've got em. I've got a '67 Bandmaster that needs a little attention. :D



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Well, the term "pairs" could mean several things. Do you mean balanced between the triodes? Or just two tubes of the same model brand and make? I am guessing from your question that you mean two tubes that are the same brand model and make so that you can keep two channels sounding the same. If that is the case than I certainly do have a bunch of pairs. I also have a bunch with matched triodes, and for some of them I can come up with matched pairs with matched triodes:) Is there something in specific you are looking for?