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This is a later take of a song from my next album. I think I posted a demo of it earlier this year. Here's a video showing the multitrack, work tape for the bass, and the stereo master. There's also a few clips of the tape loop used during the mid-section, and the edits made during the... join thing. Aside from various things like reverse cymbals I also did some strange varispeed stuff with the bass, which is how the last note is not normally possible on a 4-string bass with standard tuning. Enjoy, or not, since this kind of length, complex stuff isn't exactly in vogue at the moment.

I like it!! Opethy vibe
Here's my first song of the new year:
- Big Bad Wolf

As usual, vocals, bass and reverse cymbal were recorded on TASCAM TSR-8, and then transferred to an MX-80 2" 24-track. Mixing was done to a Studer A807. One tape edit was made after I botched the ending and had to remix the second half of the song. That gap in the middle was a really good idea.
heres a couple live off the floor videos my band did on a tascam 58. definitely a challenging recording environment in my rather small basement with no headphones/isolation but i think it turned out ok.

Hey everybody

I posted last month about my new album and it's now available on cassette through my Bandcamp. If anyone wants a copy I will dub it to a vintage Maxell XLII or an XLI-S if they want, or the regular green tapes are still left. It's a short run of 50 handmade and there's about 20 left as of now. The mix and master was done specifically for tape and it sounds really good without all the compression and limiting that goes into digital nowadays. Thanks for all the help from the community here. I got my Fostex Model 80 up and running thanks to this group and the large portion of this record was done on that so all the help was very appreciated.

Here's the link
Songs W/ Strings | Free Country
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If anyone is interested, I have got the new album mastered.
It can be found here: Dr. Gwendolini's Amazing Medicine Show
Or on Bandcamp here: Dr. Gwendolini's Amazing Medicine Show | DOUG the Eagle


Most of the songs were recorded on an Otari MX-80 2" machine, except for 'Dictator' which was going for a sort of punk-psych feel and was done 8-track on a TASCAM TSR-8. Mixing was done to 1/4" using a Studer A807 and a number of tape edits were made during mixdown, some to make mixing the longer songs easier, others deliberately to make things harder.


EDIT oh, I forgot to post this. It was recorded after the above album was mixed, but it may be of interest.

My favourite part is the backwards section, which was achieved by running the Otari MX-80 in reverse, and then very carefully splicing the stereo master to remove the gaps. Timing was guesswork, hopefully I'll be able to reproduce it on the final version.
There is a brief video clip of the Otari doing this party trick here: Tapewolf on Twitter: "Fun with the Otari MX80 #analog #reeltoreel #R2R #tape… "
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Temple of the King

Instruments (tracks 1-4):
Silvertone 319.12459 w/ DeArmond FHC pickup
Fender F1050 acoustic
Combined Bass and Drum track
Vocal track

Tascam M-312b mixer
Tascam 234 4 channel cassette
Alesis Nanoverb
DBX 163x compressor

I dual mic’d Both the vocals and acoustic on separate tracks using a Shure SM-57 and a MXL 910

1Kings5 (Temple of the King)

As always...... I’m just learning this mixing thing, and have a pretty thick skin, so be as gentle or brutal as you need to be with your comments.... ,but please comment...... :)

First post of my own music. I’m very new to all this so mixes are in need of work. I’d appreciate any feedback. These were recorded on a Tascam 488 and mixing down to a Sony cassette deck.
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Interesting stuff dude. This Tascam 488 seems to do the job yes. So what was your gear exactly? Quite new to the No Daw stuff :)
Interesting stuff dude. This Tascam 488 seems to do the job yes. So what was your gear exactly? Quite new to the No Daw stuff :)

Amp miced with an old audio technical ap201, it’s kinda like a 58. Through a cheap 8 channel nady pre, into the 488. Drums recorded with one studio project b3 condenser. Vocals double tracked with the same. I think it’s a dry mix. The run out to a uc222 into reason and left as is. Cheers
This was tracked on an Otari MTR-90 mkii 24 track, through Golden Age Audio Project pre-amps and then later API pre’s for the final overdubs. Tracked entirely on tape (except for one guitar solo that needed to be redone on track 2), and mixed digitally in Pro Tools.

SYNN - One Punch at a Time | LANDR

Been a while since I've posted much, so there's a couple of things to put here:

The Pole Song (take 1) by dougtheeagle | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Recorded using the Holy Trinity of the MX80 24-track, the TSR-8 and the Studer A807. The backwards drums were done on the A807 which has a handy reverse-playback mode, and bounced onto the TSR-8 over and over and over again until the timing was right, before being transferred to the 24-track using tape sync. There were a couple of edits on the stereo master.

Also, in case anyone is interested, the new album is out and can be found here:
Illiath The Barbarian
Illiath the Barbarian | DOUG the Eagle
hey y'all, have a new psych record coming out self recorded/mixed with a tascam 58 and teac 2340. mastered by joe carra (king gizzard)
recorded mostly live, no headphones with minimal overdubs. had a good friend (and amazing percussionist) sit in on this track. if anyone is interested in any recording details let me know :) YouTube

vinyl link -