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So I've got a bunch of WAV files that I've created of horns that I've recorded. I've chopped them all up into individual notes and I'd like to be able to trigger and play them with my Korg NanoPad, in a fashion similar to the way an MPC works - if that makes sense.

Basically, I'd like to load up a sample (or maybe layer a couple together), lay out the notes across the 16 pads and play them across a scale. Do any of you know a way that I can do this? I did some googling but I've never used a soft sampler before, so I'm not sure where to look... there are a lot of options but none seem to work with straight-up WAVs. They all seem to want SFZ, Logic format, Kontakt, or something. Any advice would be appreciated.



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So I'll know that you're still watching this sleepy subforum.

What you need is a soft sampler that plays WAV's. You gave up pretty quickly in your googling or else you would've found this:, It's a free soft sampler that plays WAV files and there are many others out there. A quick search @ KVR.com would be reccommended.