Pop punk full mix. What's next?


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Hi wises, to me it sounds pretty good. I am not a punk pop listener but it seems you hit it good, specially in the chorus.

If I had to point out anything ti would be that the low frequencies are a bit entagled, menaing that I cannot really identify the drum kick and the bass in many parts of the song, the kick specially could use a bit more clarity. But I am not a punk pop listener and maybe this kind of haziness was what you were going for.



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thanks for the feedback! I'm not a pop punk listener either, was trying something different for a bit of practice. I'll definitely have another go through to clear up the low end. Was trying an artificial sub generator or the kick and I think I didn't tame it down enough. That and I think I was a bit timid with some of the hi-passes.


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The mix sounds fine.

I AM an old time pop-punk fan. Bands like the Muffs, Goops, Blondie are all fantastic. Excellent music.

Somewhere in the 90s, bands like this and Sugarcult and so many others ruined the genre. They didn't just not bring anything to the sound, they actually destroyed it. But, that has nothing to do with your mix, that sounds great.

If you ever want a real challenge to make something strange sound good. I'll send you one of my tracks.


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Yeah it is a 90's sound. Can even see the video in my head. You either like it or you don't but still miles better than the stuff today.

Nothing wrong with the production. 99% of people wouldn't know this was produced by one man and his pc or an old large studio of that time.

I wouldn't call it Punk, well not the original 70's. Pop music? Meaning 70's pop or 80's electro pop?.......No. It is more like the 90's Indies sounds.