Podcasts: Nugs of awesomeness, or Piles of aural poop?


potential lunch winner
PODCASTS! Do you like 'em? Do you make 'em? Do you wish they never existed?

Which ones do you like/hate and why? What's your personal ratio of podcast to music listening ratio?

Importantly, which is your favourite RECORDING-related podcast that we should all have a listen to?


potential lunch winner
Personally, I love the things. In fact, these days, I listen to more podcasts than I do music! Some of my favourite include:

Science & Economics: Radiolab, Freakonomics, CBC's Quirks & Quarks
Language & Storytelling: A Way With Words, Third Coast Festival, Love + Radio, the Truth
Just Plain Fun: How To Do Everything, Ask Me Another
Smart Folks Saying Smart Things: TED Radio Hour, Intelligence Squared, More Or Less
Music & Recording: Tonebenders, Sound Opinions


Loud Sun Studios
Lots of the ones that you have mentioned I like.

I wake every morning and watch Suspicious Observer. Earth and Solar system reporting.


I look at podcasts as blogs for people too lazy to read or write, and I hate reading blogs because someone else's unsolicited opinion is usually the last thing I'd be interested in, so I won't listen to a podcast.