Plug & Mix Bundle only $49 for a limited amount


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Dont Crack are selling off 5000 copies at $49...thats 45 plugs!

I had a few already but went for the bundle...they sit somewhere between the simplicity of the one knob plugs and the sound quality of the Nomad plugs. From what Ive used they sound great..Ill prolly only use a handful out of the 45, doesnt matter at this price

Btw they add plugs for free until the end of eternity

Plug And Mix / VIP Bundle - DontCrack : Music & Audio Software Store


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Thanks for the tip....I just pulled the trigger.

I thought about it for a bit, as I already have plenty of existing quality plugs that cover many of the plugs in this Plug & Mix VIP bundle....but for 45 plugs for only $49 is a stupid silly deal.
Even if I use just a few ofd the pulhs of and only occasionally, it was too good to pass up, plus, the Plug & Mix website says they plan on taking the VIP bundle to over 50 plugs sometime in the next upgrade will add even more choices.


I see deaf people
My fave is the clarisonix plug on bass and kicks, its excellent, got it ages ago. Been going through the rest tonight, cant say they sound bad at all.


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I just pulled the trigger on the VIP bundle. Temporary download glitch on the latest version ( might be fixed by the time you read this).
BTW: the "Freeware" tab is a pretty good resource in itself:
Audio freeware for mac and pc



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I just did it too.

I already have *way* more plugins than I'll ever use, and now it's even worse - couldn't resist. I'll check out the ones you all mentioned.


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For some reason....the 3.2 version download is still all f'd up.
It has the same version files as the 3.1 version.

I sent them an email about it almost a week ago, right after I got the VIP bundle.....but it's still not right.

Not a major issue, the 3.1 version works fine....just funny why they don't change it or remove the 3.2 download until they have the right files posted. It takes awhile to download, and you don't know what you have until the download is done.

Otherwise, I installed the 3.1 version and checked out a few of the plugs in the bundles. They look really cool, and I'm sure I'll get use from a bunch of them. Great deal at $49!