PLEASE HELP! Tascam 488mkII Panning Controls


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Hey, my question, hopefully, is a simple one..when you direct a audio source to a specific track, you have to pan to the corresponding bus to transfer it to a particular channel of the recorder and push the corresponding "assign" button (ie, in order to send info from track 1 to channel 1, push the 1 on recorder, 1/L 2/R assign and pan all the way to the left) when you pan to the left, naturally, you can only monitor the source out of the left side of the headphones, is there any way to monitor the source through both headphones even though the panning is turned all the way to the left? I know that there is a way, I just haven't found it yet....THANKS to whoever helps me out on this!!!
On the 424mkII and III, there is a "Line out" switch over the monitor volume knob. There are 3 settings for this line out switch.

L-R Mono Off

switch it to Mono.