Please help me with this mix


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Ha! I think it's beautiful. I love the clear point' the [tabla ?] brought in.
I could see the low mids in the center image might be a little congested? -and spread or opened some? But please take the mention lightly.
Thanks. Glad I listened :>)

gecko zzed

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Interesting, unusual and nicely put together. I like it for what it is. You can always play around with alternative mixes . . . but they will always be alternatives; neither better, nor worse . . . just different.
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are you kidding me ? that sounds like a professional recording! I could swear at parts it reminded me of a radiohead song called Blackstar obviously without the distortion but had that vibe to it. nice work


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This is good work. The only thing for me is that there doesn't appear to be much separation with the instruments. They seam to sit within the same frequency range so mask each other.

The bass I think doesn't have much clarity so appears muddy.
I would try to work.on some volume automation for the vocal to get it to sit on top throughout the whole.track. it seams to be loader in some parts.
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I liked this song so much i didn't think about the mix. You could make minor adjustments but this is very impressive and enjoyable as it is. The left/right acoustics are so tight it's hard to tell if it's one stereo track or two mono panned? Recorded well. Great performances. Nice work!