playback issues

John E. Law

New member
Hi Folks,

When I press play, the song starts and at a certain point it stops on its own and rewinds slowly to the beginning of the track.
What I mistakingly press to make it do that?? Im thinking it has something to do with the bars and beats area??
Any solutions much appreciated.

Protools 12.4
mac mini late 2012 i7
audient id14 and asp800
Hi John,
It sounds like you have a custom playback region selected.
That looks like two blue down arrows in the bars/beats/time/samples/tempo area at the top, and a darkened selection spanning all tracks.
If that's the case ProTools will either play the region then stop or play it in a loop depending on Options>Loop Playback.

If you single click anywhere in that top area that should place the playback start marker with no region selected.
Pressing return will also get rid of the selection and will bring playback marker back to 00:00:00.

If that's not what it was drop us a short video or screen shot of your timeline and we'll see what we can do.
Hi again,
I saw the video clip you sent - I've never seen that before.
For everyone else, there's no region selected and the opening blue selection arrow is at session start.
After a few seconds of playback from zero the region start marker jumps to current playback position (as if user clicked), then the playback line rewinds back to 00:00

John, the only thing I can think of is maybe disconnecting any midi controllers or devices you might have.
It looks like something issuing commands rather than some accidentally enabled feature.