Placement Ideas for 61 or 88-key MIDI Keyboard With Argosy Halo Desk?

Hello all! I'm currently in the middle of renovating my home studio and we recently acquired the Argosy Halo desk. It's a very ergonomic desk and it houses our mixer and other gear very well. It has also helped us save lots of space. My one concern though is finding a good place to fit at least one good-sized (as in: 61 or 88-key) MIDI keyboard near the desk. The desktop surface itself has a large mixer and other gear on it, so the most I could fit on top of the desk is a small 25-key MIDI keyboard, which is less than ideal for me as a keyboardist/producer. I was wondering if anyone else owns the Argosy Halo desk and/or has any ideas for a stand that could perhaps go under the desk and pull out enough for clearance to play the keyboard in front of the desk? My original plan was to place a keyboard on a stand to the side of the desk and turn left or right to play, but there isn't enough space to the left/right of the desk to be housing larger keyboards on stands, as they would protrude into our walking space. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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My studio desk is similar and after lots of experimentation I just put the keyboard in front? It means it's really a little low, and the far right and left of the 88 notes are slightly under the front edge but it works ok?