placa de som USB / Audiocard usb help me,


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I need a sound card for a USB microphone, so as not to directly use the p2 input of my nootebook, someone can help me?

that exixt? Soundcard but for a usb micronone?
There is no "soundcard" for USB inputs. The microphone will use the internal sound chip on your notebook. If you need additional ports for USB devices, then you should be looking for a multiport USB hub. I would recommend getting a powered hub, so as to not tax the power supply. Something like this should work:

Sabrient 4 port USB hub

The only other alternative would be to get a USB interface, like the Behringer UMC202, Focusrite 2i2 or similar. This will allow you to bypass the sound device in your laptop completely. You can't plug a USB microphone into it, but you can use it for sound output. To use it with a microphone, you would need one with a standard XLR connection, not USB.