Pitch shifting vocals on BR-600 or like


Though the BR-600 is by no means new, I am new to it. I have the manual, but when they say the machine is intuitive, I'm just not sure to whom. On my ancient Tascam 4track cassette recorder, when there was a song in a key too high for me to sing, I could just slow down the tape and when I played back at normal speed, I would hear the vocal in the higher pitch. Even though it's (hopefully) in the manual how to do this similar thing on the 600, I have yet to find it. If you know, or possibly it might be similar in a different model, please share. Anecdotal fixes always beat manual mining. Thanks.

In digital, about all you got is the sample rate, which is the same as tape speed in my book. Some recorders will play that at the songs rate, if you can get it in there.