Pent5/ Logic5 / Akai Virtual Sampler.


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Howdy Logic people. Nice place you've got here.
Last week I lost an old friend. My dearly beloved Pent4 / Logic 5.5 Platinum that had served me well for years.
Today I purchased another one. : A Purpose built Audio PC with quality components :
Pent4, 2.5.3 ? processor, only 512 Ram ( I'm hoping the ram in my old pc might be the same type and insertable into this new one ) to hopefully bring it up to 4 gigs Ram Only37GB hard drive - but I'll add an external Hard Drive, running on Windows 2000.
This PC has Akai Virtual Sampler. As yet not installed into Logic wherever it needs to go. ?
My questions, if you'd be so kind as to assit :
1: Can I use this Akai Virtual Sampler the same way that I used Kontakt 1 as an Audio Instrument ( VST ? ) in Logic ?
If so : How do I get this sampler into Logic's Audio Instruments ? so that I can (a) load multi samples , Lounge Lizard Rhodes, B4 etc.
2: I managed to save the Hard drive from my old PC and clone it. I think it contains things like Kontakt 1, B4,my old Konrakt multi sampled Kontakt keyboard instruments ( FM Synth etc, ). Any way I can get those back into Logic on my new PC ?
3: If so - How ?