Patchbay and rack gear printing onto take

There's one other thing we've not mention on the 1820 - and until I got one, it didn't click. It can manage mic or line/inst on each of the first 8 channels - BUT - it uses combo connectors, which totally messes up using a patch bay because you cannot remote all your XLRs to sockets on the patchbay, but retain aother 8 designated line. Physically inserting a jack sets the hig level input and inserting an xlr provides mic level. I guess where you have two 8 way units, the idea is not really to 'patch' but to give you 16 XLR sockets to plug mics in conveniently, rather than jacks. Mine is in a rack and I'm already thinking of doing this because already connecting things is a pain. However - I need the mix of line and mic, which messes it up. I might experiment with the XLRs and the pad and see if theyre happy with this - and if so, make up a panel with XLRS and jacks, wired in pairs? My other two interfaces (Tascam and Presonus) have them on the front.
Yes Rob, Combi inputs are very clever and useful until one wants to do what you want! 'T'were I in your position I would use an XLR bay but take the inputs to TRS jacks via attenuators and 47uF caps to isolate the 48V.
Since almost all AIs and mixer do this for line inputs, no harm.

^ That's what I'm doing. I have the XLR patch through. It usually runs to a snake, but I can unplug the snake and use it right in front of my rack if needed. It's very convenient this way.

As for ribbons, I've only seen a ribbon damaged by Phantom when a cord was wired incorrectly. Still a good idea to avoid it in case.