Palmer in aspects of DI


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Hello, I'm new to these forums and this is my first post.

I'm wondering what you all can tell me about Palmer gear for DI'ng guitar and bass. I was looking into the PDI-09 and saw on their website that they have other DI's in rack gear form. What are the differences?

Also, if there are any other brands out there and/or similar DI gear, feel free to drop that knowledge on me.



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i use the Palmer PDI-09.

on my last album, i recorded about 75% of all the electric guitars, and some bass tracks using the device.

it works perfectly.

i spent time a/b'ing the direct against a close miced sm57 on a closed back cab, and there was very little difference in the basic tone.

there is always the 'dry in your face' factor, but i'm a wizz at using reverb and delay plugs to approximate the roof effect.

i also will blend room mics with the direct line, and that is a killer sound as well.

i'll post examples of final mastered clips, using both high gain, medium and clean settings if you are interested.
or just visit any song i've got currently posted in the mp3 forum.

my setup:

Lt. Bob

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here are two clips, where all guitar parts are recorded using only the Palmer device.

on the "Road to Tabriz" tune, the palmer was also used to gain a parallel bass guitar track, and blended into a sansamp bass DI track.

"Waiting to Shine"

"Road to Tabriz"

very nice,you sold me on the palmer ... now to try and get one :D

you has chops,great playing :)


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thanks cake!

it's a good unit.
not the best...... but for the money, a lot of bang for buck. it works.

i hope the OP makes it back to this.......


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Hey all! Sorry, I have a busy schedule with work. I'm gonna order the PD-09 and give a run. Also, I just bought a "Live Wire Solutions" DI box from guitar center and I have run into some troubles with it. It basically sounds like some dookie. With some settings from my head, it sounds like it has way or some obnoxious effect on it, and other times it pops very frequently. I'm thinking I may need some sort of speaker simulator?

My signal chain is as follows:
Guitar>Line 6 HD150 head>DIbox>Presonus Studio Chanel>ART Pro VLA II>Firestudio Project Interface.

By the way, thanks for all the replies, you guys are a big help.

Much thanks, Isiah


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Since experimenting with the box, I've found it easier and better quality to just mic my cab. I've soundproofed a room and closet, so decibels aren't an issue. I'll be posting tracks soon.