Ozone Issue


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Looking for some help
I put this into Ozone Support over 2 weeks ago, and haven’t received a response

This analogy I am presenting is true of the EQ in Ozone 9 and 10, and the Dynamic EQ in Ozone 9 and 10

I can put an EQ node in the spectrum view and adjust it to go outside of the boundaries of the spectrum view. I close the VST and go back into it later to adjust, but I can’t because the node is outside of the viewable area (See pic below)

The user manual says: Equalizer Gain Scale: (dB) The filter gain scale is located on the right side of the spectrum view. Range: +15 dB to -30 dB.
But as you can see from the pic, the viewable db range is about ½ of what the manual says

Has anybody encountered this.

If you have, do you have a solution?