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I posted this on Cubase.net, but no bites

So I was working with a band last night (recording bass tracks), I was working on one particular song. We went through and recorded the track all the way through and then went back to go over any errors. When I recorded the errors the new part would go behind, does anyone know why? I read that I can right click (ctrl click) and select which track to bring forward, but when I right click my tool bar pops up (which I like) so I must have something funky in my setup.

So two questions, why were the tracks going behind in this song and not any others? I was working on 10 songs before this one and they were all fine. Second, how do you actually bring the list to select which part to front?

I'm using Cubase SL 3.0 on a G4.

I found the bring to front in the edit menu, and this same thing happened last night. I tried the move to back command on the main track to attempt to bring up the overdub. It didn't work. I ended up cuting and moving the main track to expose to overdub behind, and then I was able to move the overdub to front. Kinda pain in the A$$.