Over God


I think it could use some panning of parts. Everything but the drums seems stacked up down the center. I get wanting the vocal to sit in the mix rather than on top of it, but it seems a bit dark compared to the other elements. Perhaps a high shelf boost would let it stand up to the instruments a little better. I'm on headphones now so I can't really be sure of the overall tonal balance. If I remember, I'll check it on speakers during the day.


I suspect your monitoring situation isn't giving you a good idea of what's happening in the low end. The low E on the bass is overbearing. The kick is too strong in the same range, around 41Hz.


You are correct with your suspicions regarding what my monitors relay to me. At the moment the room my system is set up in and how the system is set up leave just about everything to be desired. I try to listen to track on different systems in different places then go back and try to correct.

I appreciate the input and the specifics relayed in comments. Will revisit with these things in mind.


Bulls Hit

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Good tough sound. I like all the progressions, and the leads too. Respect to your daughter, she's carrying the vocal :D haha j/k Excellent all round jam and groove. This is right up my alley, good riffing