Outcast Fresh ears wanted on the mix before mastering and release


Not a bad mix at all. Would just add some reverb and/or room air to the drums and vocals. Rad guitar sounds, good mids. The vocal performance is awesome. Might add some more harmonies to make it slightly more glorious.


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That lead at the beginning is a little bit weenie. It could be a better tone or at least louder.

I mostly disagree with Stevie on the vocals. The dry vox sound pretty good. I might put some 'verb on the gang chorus "hey"s, but as they are now, they sound pretty good, and you have good dynamics between the lead and harmonies.

Some 'verb on the drums might be helpful.

The mix really comes together around 2:38 after the down bridge. The more held rhythm guitars sound good.

Stick click at 2:39.

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It's a good tune. You've got a a rocking change up to to the chorus which really drives the bus down the drag strip. On headphones I'm not hearing any issues in the lows. Vocal levels are good. The mix just needs more oomph so it's right in front of my face. Your mastering guy should sort that out. Nice jam


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It's a good song with some interesting changes. Dry vox work well on the verses but I feel like the chorus needs a little something extra.. either some backing vox or reverb to give them some air. Nice work though ?