Bulls Hit

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Yeah I'm with Ray. It suits your style awesomely. Aggressive, in your face, heavy, deep mix. Great control of the low end. Sounds awesome. Good to see you posting something in here again.


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I think it really rocks. I love the gritty tone and I think it really has a fantastic groove....especially when the wah wah kicked in towrd the beginning of the tune. I loved that!
Great mix too.


I liked it. Very agressive sounding mix and it seems that the limiter worked well. I think its a bit too loud, but that really doesnt matter too much, I guess.

Bulls Hit

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rayc - Cheers Ray. There's some crazy ass buildings in that link. Who'd have thought concrete could be cool?

Greg_L - Good to know it sounds OK at your place. Thanks for the welcome!

jimistone - Thanks for the spin dude. Glad you liked it

2mas - Heh sounds like a plot for a really bad TV series - zombie guitars afoot

Music Box - Thanks for the listen

CMolena - Yeah it's always tempting to overuse the force...

I've posted an alternative arrangement that might suit a vocal better. Feel free to check it out if so inclined


This is pretty badass. I like a lot of what I am hearing here. Everything is very roomy. Reminds me a lot of old Melvins, Helmet or maybe even into some Orange Goblin territory. It's a bit of a 'spacier' take on the sludgy thing though. I am digging this a lot.

Really nothing that I could classify as a critique. From soup to nuts, this sounds really cool to me. Nice job. The sense of atmosphere is really defined and well executed.


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I listened to the first one. Sounds awesome. Tell me you did a lot of other hard work now so I don't go out and buy this limiter thinking it will make me sound awesome too.


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Would be good to hear a bit more treble on the bass sound at the start- more of a "wall of sound". Then perhaps cut back the treble when the other instruments come in. The guitar delay in the intro sounds too similar to the main guitar sound - maybe some effects of EQ on the delayed sound would add more contrast. Also perhaps a larger reverb on it to make it sound more spacious. Also same comment for the high-pitched delayed that comes in at 1:37.

The guitar that comes in at 2:25 is too quiet, and get drowned out by the bass.

Most of the instruments sound aggressive (which is good!) except the drums which sounded oddly quite laid back. I felt they needed to be more "in yer face" perhaps more heavily compressed and urgent?

Overall I think it's a great original tune, and I really enjoyed it.


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Sounds cool. I could probably hear some wacky echo style vocals or something. Almost a voice like Type O Negative would work good.

Bulls Hit

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kindafishy - Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words

easlern - Heh I can't make any promises, but certainly no regrets with the purchase so far

Bulls Hit

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PeterHughes - Thanks for all the suggestions, although some would be a bit tricky for me to retrofit. I will go back and mess around with dirtying up the drums some and see how they go. Cheers man

monkeymanx - Yes agreed, or maybe Rob Zombie could do me a favour. Feel free to have a crack yourself!


that's fucking cool. Sounds like Nine Inch Nails being molested by Marc Almond. Love it.


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that's fucking cool. Sounds like Nine Inch Nails being molested by Marc Almond. Love it.

I was trying to think of comparisons too lol

I came up with Big Black ate Muse...and spat them out

really filthy, and fucking heavy...really like it

Bulls Hit

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Hey guys thanks for checking it out and the kind words. Gonna see if I can get some vocals on here too without munting it


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That's really really good. Nice job. Low end is perfect - both the bass and the lower end of the guitar.

My only nit might some of the lead-ish guitar stuff could maybe come up a tick or so.