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Can anyone give me any insight into using outboard gear, specifically a reverb unit. I've never used any outboard gear before and would like to get a reverb unit to give more life to my drum machine and bass tracks, and the overall mixes in general. Can anyone recommend any relatively inexpensive units that will do the trick without spending a lot of bucks on it?
Hey LedHed:

Man! Are there reverb units out there!!! Plenty to choose from.

I have two units in my studio: an Alesis Micro/Verb and an Ensonique Monster unit. Alesis also makes a very inexpensive NanoVerb but you cannot do any editing; whereas on a more costly unit, you can edit and tweak any programmed reverb patch.

I've added reverb to a drum track but most often the drums from a good drum machine are brilliant as they are.

You will have a ball with doing vocals and using reverb as you can put the reverb into the headset while recording; however, on most recording units, that reverb is NOT recorded; you do that when you mix down and tweak the tracks.

Try to see some units either in studios or in the stores; take a good look at the manuals; reverbs are really not too difficult to control and understand. My MD-8 8 track has plugs for two FX units; thus, I can use one reverb for vocal and put the vocal UP FRONT; ALSO, I can use a different reverb for music or, if I want, record the reverb while doing the track.
There's no one best unit; it's the one that makes your ears feel good. And, when you get a reverb, you will, like most of us, use two or three reverb rooms for most of your work.

Happy Shopping,
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