Outboard Compressor With Reaper?


I have an analogue compressor I wish to use with Reaper.

Haven't done this before - is this just a matter of sending the signal out through the interface, to the unit, and then returning it from the unit and interface, back to Reaper?

The unit has balanced ins and outs, and so does my interface; so I'm guessing XLR cables are what I would need to get this to work?
A tech from Focusrite explained to me I should be using the line level inputs when using outboard gear.
Would this also go for the inputs from my tape machine?
I ask because I've been using RCA to XLR cables to transfer tapes.
This would engage the mic pre, wouldn't it?
Yes, you should be using the line level inputs with your tape machine otherwise you could easily overload the mic inputs. If you have a Focusrite interface the line inputs will be balanced TRS jacks.
Tried this for the first time today, with not much success.
I'm going from Reaper to the Clarett, then to a compressor.

I'm able to see the sends in Reinsert, but not the returns.

I'm using input 3 on the interface, but in Reaper, I'm only seeing 'track 1, and track 2' on the drop-down menu; nothing else.
According to Focusrite, the interface track should be listed there, but it's not.
Also, shouldn't I be seeing the meters moving on the interface?

It's only a stereo track, which makes me think it has something to do with the track set-up.
Reaper should show all the interface inputs and outputs.

If it doesn't you may need toupdate the driver, or in fact use the appropriate driver.
Are you using the ASIO driver in Reaper. If so, do you have all the inputs enabled in the Reaper's Audio Device Settings dialogue box? There are two drop down boxes to select first and last inputs and sometimes, if you have changed interfaces, Reaper won't automatically enable all the inputs.
Thanks - had to restart it to work.
I'm thinking of using a compressor on a master track to which I send the rest of the channels.
Would this be the best way to patch this outboard unit in?