out to mixer or direct recording


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hey fellows.
i run a recording studio which relies on ANALOG operations,and i'm in the phaze of transforming into digital,i have a mackie 1604-vlz pro (16 track) i'm intending to work on a computer software (mainly cakewalk 9 proaudio) with a gadgetlabs wave 8/24,i decided to take inputs from the mixer inserts (8 inputs) but after tracking,fx.should i return back to the mixer's other 8 tracks (split monitoring) for final mixing,eqing,mixdown,OR to do all this from the software mixer and out direct from sound card to mixdown device?????
regarding that i want a fixed adjustment setting regarding PATCHING,i don't want to act like a phone operator in here.and regarding my small mixer (only 16 tracks).please advice me in here regarding all my setup (because i havn't done anything yet)
Depending on what kind of recording you do dictates your patching. I personally have a patch bay set up so I can have direct out puts from individual channels or group outs so I can get more than one channel going to a track. An example would be bass guitar direct out of a channel going to one track vs. 4 rack toms in a drum kit assigned to a group made into a stereo pair and sent to two tracks. Like I said, it depends on what kind of recording you do.
okkey,but do you refer that it's important to patch outs to mixer before final mix down,4 channles drums must be mixed b4 going into 2 channles mix,i mean u must at least mix levels on software.
i'm recording westren ROCK standard(drums,base,guitar,keyboard,vocals)
i was thinking of taking the input from a mixer and patch out direct 2 outs as left right,(mixdown on the computer) directly out to my deck (whatever...)