Out of Control

Chanel - nothing supersedes it.
The pure comb is love.
Prada is my mada
Gauci - oh what a low - she is out of control
some kin if sxy
Killer, give up, you win
hold me back - plantis
we got it
a drop on the still water
I Loved it ! Your mixing and mastering skills Really came through on this one. It was minimal enough to keep you feeling everything without getting crowded and distracting from the Vibe. Impressive .. mark
I liked the finger snaps with the 3-second reverb in the intro.

Mixwise I think things sound pretty good.

I have a little trouble making out some of the lyrics. The lead vocal can be a bit harsh. Maybe tame the mid-2Ks a little?

The acoustic guitars in the middle break have a bit too much low end for my ear. Just a bit.