OT - The slow march of room evolution...

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You are so observant dude... :D

The BX8's are on "perma-loan" to a client that I've known for 15 years. They're going through a 'bump' in their career right now - New multi-album deal with a Euro-label and a side project. Don't want to mention any names as of yet, but power-metal fans from the late 80's and early 90's (especially in Euro-land) are going to have something to shout about soon...

And of course, there's an unrealistic time-table from the label... :rolleyes:

But the mastering budget was acceptable. :D

But like most modern deals, there's a lack of "realistic" funding on the front end. So, the first of these new releases is being done the 'new-fashioned' way (as cheap as possible while maintaining a certain degree of quality). The monitors they were using were ridiculous (although the mix engineer was doing quite a job with them). So, I sort of "offered up" my BX8's to smooth out the process a little (and help KEEP the mastering budget acceptable).

As much as I like the things, I just haven't been using them anyway. I don't think I've powered them up in 6 months.


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Are these B&W speakers? Boy I love those, I have the one with 2 10 inch woofers, 1 mid and 1 tweater, the design looks exactly like yours, but they are taller I believe (about 4 feet). I am just sad that my dad doesn't let me install these in the studio!

Well your place looks nice, if you can get your hand on some 703 or rockwool, but a big load in all of the corners of your room (mostly the 4 corners where 3 walls meet), that will cut out a lot of anoying bass.

Well, congratulation! and see ya