OT: My new room is finally done...

Massive Master

Actually has been for a couple weeks.

Photos here: http://www.massivemastering.com/html/photos.html

The lighting is actually really cool - But it totally screws up the depth perception in the photos... One of these days, I'll get someone in here that knows what they're doing with a camera.

Giant thanks to Farview, Blue Bear, John Sayers, Ethan Winer, Glenn Kuras, Dave Hill and others for a lot of help and "ear bending" along the way.

And Farview's intern Sean, for being a good cable monkey on moving day. :D

SouthSIDE Glen

Looks beautiful, John! Part ski lodge, part sauna room, all top-shelf audio design. :) Nice work and nice job. I'll have to come by sometime and see if those chairs are as comfortable as the look ;)


Massive Master

punkin said:
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Nice work space.

I've got a question...in this picture http://www.massivemastering.com/html/older_photos___jem_photos_4.html I noticed that the drum kit has egg crate type foam in the bottom...but do I also see a bit of it lining the inside of the tom as well?
That's Rod Mogenstein's kit (Winger, Dreggs, etc.). It (he) was only there for the day (those are shots from "the old place" in Niles).

So I really don't remember much of it... Jason (Farview) might...