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Greetings- Here's a little tune i threw together using some addictive drums loops. I made the video with windows movie maker using public domain clips. I wanted to tell the story of a space launch gone wrong, but i thought it was in bad taste so kept the video positive in nature. The music was done in studio one, the mix sounds pretty good to me-maybe too much ambience on the drums and the first section of the song drags a bit but try to make it to the end, i got what i think is a real nice guitar sound using a particle reverb patch on my zoom pedal along with some other delays. I hope to get some real drums on this someday but it sounds listenable and using the loops helped inspire the directions the music takes. Thanks for listening and any mix comments!



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I really like that guitar on the left. Sounds excellent. OK the one on the right is the same tone. Anyway, I thought that was excellent.

The bass just a bit on the clean side to me. I'd like a little more low-midrange to give it some woof.

I might suggest a different tone for the guitar in the center. They kind of all mush together.

The second section was cool as well. I ordinarily don't like synths too much. But I thought the transition was good and it sounded nice.

The third (slowest) section was nice. The bass gets a little soft there. I had some trouble hearing it.

I liked the long-ish fade. Kind of an abrupt drop off right at the end.

All in all, I thought it was quite good.


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I might suggest a different tone for the guitar in the center. They kind of all mush together.

Definitely. Having the tone too similar hides the distinction between parts.

During the clean parts, that's less pronounced tho.


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I think the drums are pretty good sounding for A.D. You did a great job of humanizing them. 1:38 sounds like a Phish jam. :)


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I second the Phish jam stuff t 1:38, cool stuff! The weird synthy stuff that follows was kind of neat, too. Ooh, love the solo pads here. Now it's got a Pink Floyd, U2 combo type vibe, interesting. Fade needs to start a hair earlier, it stops too abruptly mid-fade.

All those guitars in the first section did sound good, but once that third one comes in, it does get a little harder to notice the distinction between parts. You've got decent separation, so I would look at the EQ settings for the different guitar tracks, and vary them a little more. Nice tune, dude. :thumbs up:


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Nice tune... the upbeat guitars put a smile on my face. As with most commentary these days, I refrain from value judgments and just bounce the question back to the artist--does the music say what you intended? If you enjoyed it, then that is the first duty. Everything else after that is gravy (in terms of other people liking it). Lacking a critical listening environment/time to analyze the mix properly and listening to the mix "in context" (in a noisy office) is about the best I can offer--but I'm guessing most people listening to music hear it in a similar context--not in an ideal listening room.


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I like the guitar and the distortion it has.. not too harsh but nice and crunchy.. the snare with the roomy reverb reminds me of the 80s lol. its good! .. (Why does thiis remind me of David Bowie?).. I like how it's all instrumental, its like prog rock its quite experimental, some bits sound almost funky the other bits are like country and hard rock.. sounds nice man alot of creativity in this. The visuals are okay but it's about the song am i right? Keep up the gd work! I left a comment for u and liked :) .. U think u could give me feedback? Would greatly appriciate it!! https://homerecording.com/bbs/gener...king-l-o-f-i-hiphop-video-395568/#post4460170


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Thanks for listening and commenting people.

As far as specific comments-it seems the general consensus is to distinguish the guitar parts more in the first section. I agree-i was thinking the third guitar would just help build the energy level without standing out, but everyone seems to hear it- yeah it was the same guitar just varied the amount of distortion slightly.

I will tell addictive drums that they sounded ok this time-i believe everything was right on the grid-it was my added percussion that humanized it.

I went and saw phish before they were famous and left halfway through the show, and i got in free...

The end section is guitars-2 tracks of that verby echoey stuff and the clean single note in the middle.

Yes the music tells the story as intended-first section-preparation and blast off. Second section the fun of being in outer space. Third section-something goes wrong. Last section-floating in space. The video was just to try and hold peoples interest and to be able to put something up on you tube.

I will check out your video Outss-i have no problem with you posting a link in my thread as long as its not against forum rules, might have to ask the sheriff about that one.

Back into Orbit for me. Over and out.