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I've been in contact with Nipsey Hussle, debating on including him in The Weather Mans' upcoming mixtape. Cost: $5k. Is it worth it? He is a rising artist.
I've been in contact with Nipsey Hussle, debating on including him in The Weather Mans' upcoming mixtape. Cost: $5k. Is it worth it? He is a rising artist.

5k for a totally unknown artist!?!??!!? That's a nobody. You can get a Decently known artist for 5k if YOUR artist is actually good and Im sure you know that your just trying to see what we say about it. Nipsey Hussle?! Sounds homosexual... Get in contact with one of the major labels in Texas where your at for 5k you can probably get a well known artist from down there. Seeing as how Chammillionaire is the only good one. Not saying you can get him but all the other ones should be relatively cheap.

Nip actually sounds good....I wouldn't sleep on the opportunity. I checked out his site and he's got skills... I see nothing wrong with working with hometown talent... I would however ask for a modified price.... on the deal... How about points on the sales or something like that? Sounds like he's out for cash up front, which is ok if you've got the rep... you couldn't ask say Paul Wall to be featured for free...

Question your mixed tape is this a promotional tool to promo the weatherman? If it were me I would want someone with alot of popularity featured to boost the sales of the tape.

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Yeah Nip's is at his breaking point. He's all over MTV, on The Game's album.

So far we have Tum Tum, Young Nino, Fat Bastard, Trapp Stars, and Hood Kingz. I'm aiming to put a couple more and that'll be it.
never really heard of that artist.. but a unknown for 5K on a mixtape..

you can get someone from here for less..

on the real for a mixtape you shouldnt be paying over $500 - $800 for a unknown feature..
if you got a major feature.. then you are looking around $1500 - $2500 atleast.. unless you got a good hook up the their management..

Sounds like he's trying to hustle... I would look at other artists first..that are as popular and look at their fees.. you might be able to work his price down if everybody else is on a lower fee...

Has his stuff been on the radio? I don't listen to the local stations anymore...so i'm probably not a good resource, but if he has a radio following...along with name recognition that would be my decision maker... MTV is cool, but again.. no one here has heard of this cat... so that means nothing at this point.

Just googeled Nispey and his name comes up quite a bit but as for general knowlegde I've not really heard of the guy

You've not said what you need from him and the intentions etc. I know some people I've spoke to grade their rates on what they have to do. ie a verse is one fee the chorus is more as that makes the song and then anything more than that the fees go up again. Some of these same artists are currently bigger names. If this guy is smart with his business and has BET spins/interviews or whatever then it could be like getting a Jay Z verse when he was recording Can I Live and him going on to being who he is now. But then that's part of the gamble. It could be a shrewd investment or not.

I personally wouldn't want to spend that even if it was a full track I was getting unless it was a buyout and you had all rights or there was a bit more garuntee on me being able to recoup 5K's worth of costs.
K.... I just went to his website... Nice set up.. Watched 4 of the 6 minute freestyle... He said maybe 2 bars that were hot.. But he spits real... Doesn't impress or touch my lyrical skill in any way shape or form.

He's trying to hustle you.. He's def not worth 5 grand.... Your better off gettin 1/3 brick hittin the corner and spendin what u made on a REAL artist