Online Mixing and Mastering?


Mixing and Mastering.
Hi there.
I would like to offer my Professional Services of Online Mixing and Online Mastering for Free.
I specialise in Hip-Hop, Rap and RnB (although I have much experience in almost all genres).

You can listen to examples of my work: Music | Professional Online Audio Music Mixing and Mastering -

Before you may ask, there are no sneaky catches at all.

Why am I offering this? I am currently trying out new ways to boost my Online Mixing and Mastering Company and I feel that this would be worth a try.

Email me if you are interested in getting one of your songs Mixed or Mastered for Free!

G - Head Audio Engineer at Crystal Mixing and Mastering


and The Brain...
I would be curious to hear what you can do with this track (a member uploaded the stems):

It's a nice song and I found it challenging to clean it up enough for a semi-pro sounding mix.

That section of the forum is where people can upload files for mixing/mastering. There might be some other posts in there that you could sink your teeth into if you'e looking to gain experience and/or exposure for your skills.