Online Jamming..?


COO of me, inc.
Are any of you involved in any form of (live) online jamming or collaboration?

From the little bit I've read from a couple sites, it's kinda like plugging into an online game, only it's a handful of musicians from who-knows-where and you're playing together. The system compensates for latency, somehow, but I haven't found any detailed info on how that part works.

I think each person can record their sessions via DAW or soundcard/interface. Not really sure about that either..
I'm definitely going to try this out, but for the past couple of weeks my wi-fi internet has been giving me fits. Soon as I switch to ethernet I'll be set.

I was able to at least listen to one jam a few days ago. Just sounded like some preprogrammed midi stuff accompanied by a couple of out of synch guitars - couldn't tell if the off guitar parts were due to latency issues.. they say they've compensated for latency, though. Who knows. That was just one host site. There are many more sites to be tried yet.
Not live but I've used Bandlab. Not a great interface but you can colab and import your own tracks.