One track alters the other with audio warp! why??


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Hi, im new to audio editing but I have this ac. guitar track I need to align with the beat in some parts. So googling & youtubing I came across this audio warping tool that stretches audio events so you dont have to cut-drag and fill the silence gaps. It works like a charm in single line melodies, not so nice when playing full chords since it sounds weird, "distorted" is not the word, kind of like when you messed up the tape in cassettes back in the 90s....
Anyway I decided to duplicate the track and edit the duplicate, so to keep the original track untouched. But as soon as I edit a little using audio warp the original track gets altered!
Im guessing it has something to do with this dialog box that appeared during audio warp editing that said something about "new version" and "continue", but since I clicked "dont show this again" it doesnt shows (of course) and I dont know where to change that option again.
Can someone guide me a little bit on this? Thanks in advance!


If you can't find an option in Preferences, then you may need to trash them so Cubase creates the default set.

There is one in Editing>Audio>On Processing Shared Clips that might do the trick. Not sure though.

Good luck!