On the Inside

Don't you find it interesting that big named guitar players have several effects units in their racks? Every unit I have ever owned had a least one sound that was so bitchin' for my set up that I wanted to use just that patch. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just keep them all and use the best of each one? sigh.....

Eddie has always got the best guitar sound in the business. Don't anyone try to argue with me on this because I am unreasonable in argueing about anything that has to do with Eddie Van Halen. I am a die-hard Eddie fan in the seventh degree! Long live Eddie!



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Yea, what a mix -- Furman, Rockman, 2 ultra harmonizers and a speaker simulator (?) Wow. I always read that EVH prefered to make his own effects on the guitar, and didn't use so much outboard gear. So much for that, although no one can question his tone. You know a VH track from the first note (WHAM!)

Here's the wierd part - that room he's sitting in, with the parquet floor and nothing on the walls, that's 5150! I've seen it in other photos with gear strewn everywhere and drums piled in the corner. I bet some guys posting on this site have a more elaborate set-up than that.