Older "Patent Pending" Shure 545 Unidyne III Mic - Low Output


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I recently got an older Shure 545 Series 2 ("Pistol Grip") microphone.
This particular microphone has the "patent pending" working, both: on the chrome grill ring and stamped on the metal just below the joint of the lower base and the mic.
I've fixed the switch, but now I'm getting a low output signal, somewhat "thin" or "hi-pass" in nature. I'm wanting to check the wiring around the capsule and around the transformer; however, there are some obstacles...

The grill area with the chrome label ring that normally rotates freely (at least on "newer than patent-pending" Unidyne III models) does not rotate, and the black plastic section that meets the metal section (and normally unscrews) seems to be glued on.
Whether these parts were glued after a repair or from the factory is unknown to me.

In order to unscrew a glued on part, what would a recommendation be? I was thinking that using a light amount of heat to gently see if the glue might release, or maybe a small amount of alcohol to seep down into the threads..?

Additionally, viewed from the back side of the "wand" portion of the mic, the circular plate cover common to pistol grip mics is missing (you can see where it had been glued on, but now wires are exposed).
What is a little unusual is the light-colored wax-type material that covers up the transformer area down in the hole. I wonder if the substance could be melted away from the electronics, or if that would damage the transformer, etc?
Maybe because this was patent pending, they were trying to hide the electronics until the patent took effect, or maybe it was potted for acoustic reasons?

Also, how would I replace the wires that run down in the spring? I can't find a way to release the spring from the mounting areas.

How would I go about disassembling this without destroying the transformer and diaphragm sections so crucial to the sound?
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