Ok, here's a crazy question


Trailing Behind Again
Here's the plot:

You record a song with a certain BPM, sayyyyyyy 125. Then you collab with someone, and the song is good, but you realize it would sound better at say, 85 BPM.

So, you retrack, but the guy who did the guitar for you is no longer around, and you can't do it yourself. What you really want to do is use that track, because let's face it, it was that good.

So how do you slow it down? Using just VST effects and any recording software, how do you slow it down to match the new BPM?

Or do you just flush the hope of using it again?

SouthSIDE Glen

You could use what you got with beat matching and pitch correction, but it will be like watching the slow motion replays of the Super Bowl game. The technical quality may be OK (or it could suck, if the software sucks), but it's just not going to sound "right" slowed down by 32%.

There are a lot of real guitarists out there. Get a collaboration track at the new BPM.



If only for a moment.....
Approaching middle age and driving around London every day for 8 hours has slowed my brain down close to 32%.:D