Oh Yoo-hoo! Help me , big fellas!


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I'm a person that has JUST OODLES of money and would just LOVE to spend it on having a really WONDERFUL place to record music and have my special friends over to dance and really GET DOWN, so to speak...lol...But I'm also a serious professional and that side of me almost never gets to COME OUT, you know? I get SO LONELY sometimes, but at least I have my gerbils....will one of you nice strangers out there help me out? Thank you SO much... Ken U. Diggit
with that amount of money, spend about $5 on gear and the rest on me. I will be your "all orifice" bitch.

Oh Ken, that Brad person is probably only interested in your money, while I'm interested in your gerbils...Diklik
I hear if you wrap in them duct tape they wont explode when you try to....you know.....Well that's what I heard.
Good luck Ken.
To Quote South Parks Cartman:
"You Sick Bastards"
Growup this is a forum for music not freaks!