Oh the drop

I was so supple in the seat
then on the street I lost my beat
the head lights got me
I had to trot

so supple
look at my groove
so slow
I have nut to prove

i walk like a live band
all up
pure passion

sell on the drop
we got the seat
my dad lived here
loved him

he lived here
for too little time
oh the drop


All you have is now
Manslick my Pops was for certain my closest and dearest friend. I was 33 when he slipped away...damn I was a hot mess. I've written several poems / songs on the subject here's one...

Oh what I thought was mine
until the end of time
Has slipped and gone away
I hope we meet again someday

Until that day we do
I'm sure going to miss you
You were the best friend I ever had
I was so blessed to call you Dad

Don't know what I'm going to do
To stop myself from feeling so blue
Lost the best friend I ever had
I can't stop myself from feeling sad

Life is kind of crazy
and it gets kind of hazy
when tears get in your eyes