Obsolete Manuals


BigKahuna turned me on to the .pdf files
of user manuals for current equipment available at the TASCAM site. www.tascam.com
But I've got two obsolete portastudio units,
the Porta-07 and the 424. Does anyone know where I could get an electronic copy of these
manuals? I know I've got them around here somewhere, but those damn cats hide my stuff while I'm at work. :)
Haven't seen any electronic copies floating around, but I have a hard copy for the original 424 (I even know where it is :). I could snail mail you a copy. Email me if you want to go this route. <ranr@bright.net>

I think so- but it relates to the 424MKII and 424MKIII, which added XLR inputs to my 424.
I could probably get the info I need from these manuals, but I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get when reading the specific document for my unit. Have I missed anything
while reading through your 424 page?
I told you this 4-track was obsolete... :)
But it still works great.
DOH!...That would have been very embarrasing.
But I did read the TASCAM page Your Scalyness, and all I see refers to the MkII and III. Mind you, just because I didn't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.
Now where did I leave my beer again?? :)