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Thanks TAE, very drunk and emotional about the tune, mom's fave. Thick skin and you put this stuff up and wait for the hate and set your self up. I dont care, I am old now... I can sing in tune and play in tune but never gonna be Steven Perry.
Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot xxx 🥰🥰
Sorry man
Struggling a bit. Living alone in the house mom left to me. I will be ok. Just wish she was still bossing me.

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It sounds very like a John song title and lyric and the initial song. Then it sounds like Paul came in and added that wonderful beautiful mid section and developed the whole song. In the early days John came up with some wonderful quite simple ideas and Paul was so brilliant at expanding and developing them with his musical ability. That is why they were so great together 🥰🥰
That is what is so great about the Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers combination. Robbie is not a great musical talent and he is not a great singer.... but he has that charisma and star quality and that cheeky look in his eye. If you can combine those together with a bloke like Guy Chambers who is brilliant musician to develop Robs silly little ideas and quirky words then you got a winning combo.
I am Guy, just need to find a Robbie 🥰🥰👍
the bass in this song, I say PM was high or else he tried to play every note on the neck. I remember one night after a gig I was sitting with my bandmate after hitting a dud and he looks over and goes wtf man? that bass. I was like, right on dude.
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Good job Mang! With this new Almost Beatles thing I am starting to get immersed in I am getting beatleized all over again...and remembering how much they influenced me originally.
I was 10 in 1963 when they were sweeping the U.S. I had an 18 year old sister who was a Beatlemaniac... Her room was plastered with pictures of the Beatles,, cya Jan and Dean her previous plastering of fandom pictures

I was still not warming to these long haired weirdos... Joe Guzallo down the street decided to put on a local concert on the side of his house. He and a few of his friend put mops on their heads and brooms as guitars and lip synced she loves you yeah yeah yeah and twist and shout...I remember the fun the excitement of all the kids of the neighborhood watching these silly cats.... It only took a few more years and the Monkees and I was a Beatle fan.... Incredible the catalog they put together...and the Nagra tapes Holy shit that is a lot of diddling and fiddling around 150 hours of it...