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...since LAX is kinda noisy for most recording purposes anyway, but I thought you'd get a kick out of a picture I took recently when drstawl was kind enough to meet me in L.A.:


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My god....drstawl has a face...he's real....not a virtual sound machine after all...I feel so....used......gibs :D
drstawl ------------------------ Dragon

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Why am I reminded of the fabulous furry freak brothers? Freddy must be at home with dr's cat.
Monty, you really gave me the giggles there...thanks!

Dragonworks, you might wanta go back in this forum a bit...there are a few other pix that are even more hilarious...
Monty: Come on- When it comes down to style I'm damn near corporate!
I;m thinking of going Tommy Smothers- again.
Freewheelin' Franklin Rules.
I named my late cat after him...
Although I also liked Fat Freddie's cat.
Ya...sometimes I actually miss living in the 'Haight'. Those were some fabulous furry times. But then anywhere in the 60's was fabulous and very furry. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Wish you could have been there, but then maybe you were? Those R.Crumb comic books were iconic even when they were new. He had a way of drawing hippy women that rang true to life. I think he had a thing for Janis Joplin. I used to run into Big Brother a lot in the neighborhood. I saw them with Janet at the airport one about a bunch of drugged out zombies. There was a sort of aura around the whole group. Maybe because their skin was so pale, but there seemed to be a bunch of lightning or as if they were being accompanied by a concentration of cosmic waves or they were maybe beings alive in a dimension of light that was slightly out of sync with the rest of the surrounding light. A giant etherial billboard proclaiming the blown out state of existence they embodied. Those were the shootem up times, if you get my drift. Blue Cheer lived next door.

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