Not able to "enable" channels in Sound Forge Pro 10

Snarkys Machine

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I just got a Tascam US1800 and Sound Forge Pro 10. It recognizes all 16 channels coming in in the advanced record settings screen. In the manual it just says to click and enable the channels that I want but every other channel or set of channels in the case of stereo pairs is greyed out. Also in the drop down menu for the individual sound files only lists 8 channels, not the 16 in the other menu. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you
I have no clue about how Sound Forge works, but I do have much experience with the US1800.

First off, keep in mind that every input channel coming from the 1800 is an individual channel. In most cases (almost always) you will be recording to a mono track. That means one input track per recording channel. Look into whether you are looking at stereo input bus's within Sound Forge. If it lists only 8 channels from the 1800, then it is probably looking for stereo pairs.

I am only assuming, but it sounds like your software is default with stereo tracks. Look into that in the SF manual.

Not knowing what it is you are trying to record, makes it even harder to give advice here.

Now, if you used the Cubase LE that came with the US1800, I could get you running in minutes. :)