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Hello, Hello!

Anyways I would just like to share some guitar techniques here, and for Y'all to share yours if you like.

Detuning: Every one knows alot about this and all but, have you tried detuning acoustics? Like B E A D G B ? This B tuning is used by alot of hardcore musicians and people like Limp- whatever his name is. But it doesn't have to be! It can be really cool when you use it in conjunction with a starnd tuned guitar. Try it acoustic..
Also try this: Detune your electric as before but get a capo. Now capo at the fifth fret and you're back in standard tuning! There's many boons to this. What you have now is a short scale guitar with super low string tension (would be happy to explain if anyone wants). I use this to attain 3 step bends as well as tremelo bending (think I originated that, but not sure). It can be hard to control at first, bt if you use three fingers then you can do it. Heavy gauge strings help too ( I play 11's atleast)
You can make pedal-steel sounds as well as some cool synth sounds (like octave bends if you tune low enough).
Open tuning by ear: Just twist the strings and instant open tuning ! This really help me get outa the rut of playing the same old thing. I have even recorded a song like this. It makes you concentrate on the notes instead of pre-formed patterns or progressions you play all the time.

Half-capo: I have a wilkerson so I don't know if this will work unless you have a clamp type capo. On my acoustic I tune to an open tuning then make a few adjustmens till it sounds like a cool chord. Then I plce my capo on the 1 2 3 strings (high ones) a different frets to harmonize like a third higher or perfect fourth fifth etc. Then I play roots or triads on the low strings and use the higher ones as a 'pedal tone'.
Another capo trick: I like to tune my guitar open and then capo at a high fret. Then play as normal behind the capo! This works best on an acoustic with a mike in front of the fret board. It can be crazy trying to find a tuning that works, but you can tune with your capo on ( not too much though!, you'll wear out the pad).

I'm just getting into finger picking with finger picks and would appreciate some tips on this.
For people begining in guitar would love to talk about things mentioned here, and others ( It helps me remember myself! )
For you guitar gods out there hows about sending some enlightenment!

Anyways I hope y'all reply if you read this, it's a good chance to grow as players.

That is some interesting stuff Viking. I think I will try some of it. I pretty much always play in standard tuning or drop D.

I am predominantly a fingerstyle guitarist. (Even when I am playing electric with distortion) I use a flat pick only about 25% of the time. I just prefer to have all my fingers free. When I need a strum I use the nails on my pointer and thumb.

Here is how I finger pick:

My thumb is in charge of the three bass strings. My pointer plays the 3rd, middle finger the 2nd, and ring finger the 1st string. If I want to pluck five notes at once I use my pinky for the top string and move my other fingers down.

Here is what I like about finger picking:

I can play real crisp clean chords by plucking strings simultaneously. (Experiment with just the three top strings. Play three note chords up and down the neck. THen add some bass note with your thumb.) I have a lot of control over the duration of the chord. I can get really neat patterns by playing bass lines with my thumb and melodies at the same time with my fingers. I can alternate quickly between strumming and picking. I can strum and pluck at the same time using different fingers for different things. YOu still can play really powerful chords with fingerpicking. Three note chords plucked on the top three strings sound really good with distortion.

You guys probably knew most of this but someone may find it interesting.

Thanks Tucci,
That sounds good but do you use natural (your own) nails? I can't have my fingernails long for various reasons so I was wondering about alternatives. I purchased thumb and three finger picks but they seem long. The make my rolls jumble up.
I saw this thing in guitar magazine called an 'Alaska Pick' that looked like it went under your nail instead of around your finger. Ever used one?
Thanks for the response,

I don't grow my nails long either. But I don't use finger picks either. I sorta use the top of my nail when strumming or playing lead stuff. For finger picking I just use my fingers.
Well, I have been using myh fingers now for 2 days...
I have worn a blister on my thrd finger after playing this really cool thing I wrote in E Dorian. It use a traditional blue-grass roll (P A I M A) and my third finger just couldn't hang. Huge blister... Well, Have you heard anything about that 'Alaska Pick' ?