Noise from other tracks when mixing tracks

David Tristante

New member
Hi there!
Got a problem :(
I 've got a 414 and the thing is that when I am mixing tracks i.e. #1 and #2 to a track #3 and I have something recorded on track #4 (in off possition) I get a little noise or mix of the track #4 in the track #3.
When all the tracks are in possition off I also can hear the tracks on my headphones ( very low , but still can hear it)!!! Is that normal? I am new using this device.


Check to see if your tape cue switch is depressed, as this will allow any recorded tracks to be heard, whether you want them or not. I hope this solves your problem!

you can also combat this problem simply by not recording your tracks so hot. If a track is really screming hot and peaking all over the place it WILL bleed through!